Li Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Group, led a team to study in Mingyuan Cloud Group

On the afternoon of March 24, Li Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, Li Jianchun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union, WD FuWa Fishing of the Party Committee, Zhang Guangliu, Special assistant to the chairman, Du Xun and Lu Hongjun, Vice President, Yang Xiaodong, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Fifteen people from the Management Technology Department, Cost Management Department, Human Resources Department, Planning finance Department and office visited Mingyuan Cloud Group and were warmly received by Zhang Xiaofeng, regional president of Mingyuan Cloud in Shenzhen.

First of all, Li Chuanjun, regional vice president of Mingyuan Cloud Group in Shenzhen, visited the headquarters and exhibition area of Mingyuan Cloud, and understood the development history, corporate culture, product line, research results, awards and honors of Mingyuan Cloud.

At the meeting, Hu Wangjun, president of Mingyuan Cloud Real Estate Research Institute, and Liu Yingfu, an expert of the Institute, respectively introduced the trends of the real estate industry and the characteristics of the digital construction of state-owned enterprise management to the participants, focusing on sharing the classic cases of digital transformation of three leading enterprises, China Merchants Shekou, Guangzhou Yuexiu and OCT.

President Li Wei focused on the basic situation of Happy Fishing Group, strategic layout, "one body and two wings" development strategy and the advantages of Happy Fishing Group in cost management, product design and other aspects, and explained the understanding of digital transformation.

Mr. Zhao Sheng, general manager of the Management Technology Department, briefly introduced the basic situation, main highlights, existing bottlenecks and problems of the information construction of Happy Fishing Group, as well as the ideas and objectives of the digital transformation of Happy Fishing Group. Subsequently, the two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the digital transformation of Happy Fishing Group.

Lu Hongjun, vice president of the group, said that Mingyuan Cloud has always focused on the digital construction of the real estate field, the development of Mingyuan Cloud is also due to the golden period of rapid development of real estate, the current industry difficulties, but also the next step of Mingyuan cloud need to focus on.

In response to the planning proposals for the digital transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises put forward by Mingyuan Cloud, Du Xun, vice president of the Group, is very concerned about how Mingyuan Cloud can build a platform to empower business and bring real benefits. She expressed the hope that Mingyuan Cloud Group can be introduced to the state-owned assets related brother units to investigate, more systematic, comprehensive, and fully understand the significance of digital transformation.

Li Jianchun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union, said that Mingyuan Cloud is a respected enterprise, which has been deeply engaged in a field for 24 years, has been listed in Hong Kong and reached a market value of 100 billion, and the team is young and promising and extremely dynamic. At present, the group management team under the leadership of President Li Wei, have gone out to learn and exchange, this time Happy Fishing is to learn humbly. Management is endless, innovation is endless, informatization, data, ecological is the trend of The Times, I hope to use the outside brain of Mingyuan Cloud wisdom to make Happy Fishing's management level continue to improve, which has been the original intention. It is recommended to find small incisions, do a good assessment of Happy Fishing, and dock from the local.

The Mingyuan Cloud team responded to the questions raised in the discussion.

Finally, President Li Wei made a summary of the exchange. He said that through this exchange, Mingyuan Cloud Group has a further understanding of Happy Fishing, Happy Fishing has a clearer feeling of digital construction, and the digital construction of the head housing enterprises also has certain reference significance for Happy Fishing. In the future, it is hoped that Mingyuan Cloud can go deeper into Happy Fishing, and make suggestions on digital transformation that are more in line with the actual situation of Happy Fishing Group through continuous communication and research at a deeper level, so as to find a meeting point to carry out Happy Fishing.

The exchange and learning activity lasted nearly 3 hours and was full of dry goods. The leaders of the two sides took a group photo after the meeting.