Happy Fishing shore 1# building opening victory strong sales over 90%

On April 6, Happy Fishing docking 1# building closed building King grand opening, just 2 hours to sell more than 90%, and create a property market sales myth. Less than 8 o 'clock in the morning, the sales center in front of the signing everywhere has been crowded, lively. The customers who came to choose the room were eager to wait, and the waiting area was filled with nearly 500 seats, once again confirming the extraordinary charm of Happy Fishing. At 10 o 'clock in the morning, the opening ceremony was officially held, and a "snatch room war" kicked off, with the host calling the number to participate in the selection of rooms, the scene of a time of climax. The selection of rooms in the area, the scene of the selection of rooms, made up, the sound of the transaction interwoven melodious, sales control table all the way red.

The reason behind the success of Happy Fishing docking market is the customer's trust and recognition for 30 years of Happy Fishing Real estate's strict high-quality requirements. Happy Fishing Group aims to build a quality space, share a perfect life and build a better life with higher quality.