Talent recruitmentEmployment concept

Based on labor contract and guided by psychological contract, we build a community of long-term Happy Fishing interests between enterprises and employees.

We use the sense of achievement to radiate the motivation and passion of employees, inspire people with the grand vision of the enterprise, attract people with good treatment, and unite people with excellent culture.

To achieve people with a fair and just environment, so that employees are always in the activated state.

We are always committed to growing together with our employees!


1. Registration
The Human Resources Department of the company is the functional department responsible for the registration procedures. When you report, please follow the following procedures:

(1) Provide personal information: ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate, title certificate (including practicing qualification certificate) and other relevant documents, the original and copy of the medical examination report of the designated hospital, a two-inch recent photo.

(2) Registration procedures: fill in the Employee Resume by hand, and receive the Employee Manual.

(3) Participate in pre-service training: The Human Resources Department arranges for you to participate in new employee training.

(4) Meet with the person in charge of the probationary department and accept the work arrangement: the person in charge of the probationary department or its designated person will introduce the department functions, personnel, job responsibilities, job requirements, relevant systems of the department and other specific affairs on the work, such as: determining the office space, receiving office supplies, etc.

(5) Sign labor contracts.

Second, trial and conversion

New employees entering the enterprise have a probation period of three to six months. After the probation period expires, they shall submit an application for formal transfer (including a summary of work), and the department shall make an appraisal and recommendation on whether to employ them. The human resources Department shall submit an opinion on whether to continue to employ them, and handle it after the approval of the company.

3. Personal information change management

During the period of working in the company, when your following personal information is changed or supplemented, you should report to the company's human Resources Department in a timely manner to ensure that your relevant rights and interests are not affected:

1. Name

2. Id number

3. Home address

4. Phone number

5. Household Registration

6. Birth of children

7. Training completion, further study graduation, registration and practice qualification certificate, title certificate, etc

8. Contact person in case of accident or emergency

9. Other relevant personal information

4. Special tips

The company promotes a spirit of integrity and reserves the right to review the personal data provided by employees in accordance with the law.