Happy Fishing cultureCultural idea
  • Corporate vision
  • Enterprise philosophy
  • Enterprise spirit

Corporate vision

Build quality space and share a perfect life

Enterprise vision is an enterprise based on its own characteristics, a strong desire to serve others and achieve their own achievements, and the ideal state brought by the realization of this desire, is the most important factor in the success of enterprises.

Enterprise philosophy

Create value, benefit society

Enterprise philosophy is the concrete embodiment of enterprise spirit in enterprise management behavior, reflecting the value and significance of enterprise existence, as well as the method and purpose of continuous growth of enterprise.

Enterprise spirit

Unity, tenacity, professional gratitude

Through detailed investigation, careful planning and comprehensive service, Happy Fishing people should conscientiously build perfect Happy Fishing products, and build quality space for customers, for society, and therefore for themselves: scientific space, humanized space, artistic space, and natural space. While providing the best service to others, Happy Fishing people realize the sublimation of personal life value.

In this space, the owners of Happy Fishing live and work safely, comfortably, harmoniously and contentedly because of the efforts of Happy Fishing people.

In this space, Happy Fishing people work hard and happily, and colleagues understand each other, trust each other, support each other, help each other, reasonable division of labor, common development.

In this space, Happy Fishing people know creation, but also know satisfaction; Happy Fishing people enjoy the pleasure of work and the rewards of work; Through study, work and dedication, to achieve the ideal of personal self-realization.

In this space, Happy Fishing people strive to meet the respective needs of other stakeholders, create value and returns for shareholders, generate jobs and tax revenue for the government, and create business opportunities and profitability for Happy Fishing partners.

Happy Fishing people are willing to promote such a space to every corner of the society, so that everyone in the society knows how to create, but also know how to meet, and enjoy a perfect life together.

  • Interest society
  • Create value

Interest society

Have the courage to bear the social responsibility of enterprises, benefit the society through various channels, and make positive contributions to the healthy development of China's economy and society.

Abide by the law and advocate integrity: bring demonstration effect for the construction of legal society, honest society and harmonious society.

To protect and improve the natural environment: to maintain, utilize and transform nature with full respect for nature.

Promote urban development: Promote the economic and social development of local cities with excellent Happy Fishing products.

Participating in public welfare: caring for the vulnerable, helping the suffering public, and penetrating love into the whole society.

Advocate culture: Advocate healthy living and life concept, guide Happy Fishing products community to build a good culture.

Through the careful management of all employees, Happy Fishing Group provides products and services as the carrier, to create value for the stakeholders of the enterprise.

To shareholders: reduce operational risks, stabilize asset returns, and maintain reasonable stock prices.

To customers: provide value for money products and services.

To employees: to give reasonable and fair returns to human capital, and to provide a platform and atmosphere for self-realization.

To Happy Fishing partners: provide win-win business opportunities, as well as the credibility and brand effect that Happy Fishing brings through integrity.

To the government: create jobs, pay taxes according to law, beautify the environment.

  • unity
  • tenacity
  • occupation
  • Feel grateful