Happy Fishing cultureVI interpretation

The logo revolves around the concept of "creating value and benefiting society", and takes the "Happy Fishing complex "symbolizing good wishes as the expression element, forming the visual composition of" knot "and the initial letter "Z" of Happy Fishing. The two parts of red and gray are strongly twisted together, forming a joint interaction and spiraling upward trend, showing Happy Fishing's enterprise spirit of unity, tenacity, profession and gratitude, and also expressing Happy Fishing's vision of building a quality space and sharing a perfect life. The graphic shape of the horn, passionate fighting spirit, exciting, not only conveys the determination of Happy Fishing people to forge on, but also conveys the emotion of Happy Fishing.

The logo is simple in shape, prominent in theme and visual personality, giving people a strong visual impression. Red symbolizes vitality, gray symbolizes stability, red and gray contrast and coordination of the two colors, full of beauty and dynamic.