• 2013

    In 2013, the group's total assets exceeded 10 billion, taking a key step in the 10 billion strategy.

    Successfully completed the work of the Group's Party committee and discipline inspection Commission, which laid a solid organizational foundation for further strengthening the Group's party building work and promoting the group's reform and development.

    The Group strengthened its land reserve and successfully won three parcels of land in Dongguan, Tianjin and Nanning. At the same time, the Metro Henggang Happy Fishing project officially signed a Happy Fishing agreement on November 29, with a total annual land investment of about 2.19 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 578,000 square meters of new land reserves.

    In-depth implementation of the Party's mass line education practice activities, through learning education, soliciting opinions, checking problems, rectification and implementation, rules and regulations and other work, effectively Jiashan Valley centralized business introduction of the world's top 500 Wal-Mart, and on December 26 grand opening, enhance the commercial value of Baohe area.


    Successfully completed the eighth board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the management team, laying the foundation for the stable development of the Group.

    In 2012, the Group achieved an operating income of 3.069 billion yuan and a total profit of 846 million yuan, again reaching a record high.

    The Group was awarded the titles of "Shanghai and Shenzhen A-Shares - Top 10 Comprehensive Value" and "Shenzhen Top 10 Real Estate Development Enterprises" in the 2012 China Real Estate Value List.

    The Group revised and improved the Happy Fishing Program and fully implemented it.

    The group won the titles of "Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Base" and "Shenzhen Top Ten Enterprise Culture Construction Units" in 2012.

    The group actively practices social responsibility and won the "Guangdong Excellent Organization Award for Poverty Alleviation".

    The group was named "2012 Guangdong Province Employer Responsibility Demonstration Enterprise "and" Shenzhen Advanced Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations ".

    The Group's first large-scale commercial complex, Xinghai Commercial Plaza, was fully opened, marking Happy Fishing's official entry into commercial real estate.


    In 2011, the group achieved a sales revenue of 3.072 billion yuan, another record high.

    The Group has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Enterprises in Shenzhen" for the seventh consecutive year, and won the 2011" Top 100 Honest Enterprises of Listed Companies in China ", "Top 10 Most Competitive Listed Companies in Guangdong", "Top 10 Most risk-resistant Real Estate in Guangdong" and other titles.

    The Group has established an internal control system that comprehensively covers the operation and management of enterprises, and achieved the internal control standards one year ahead of schedule.

    The three major work systems of "Product Quality Management System", "Investment Control System" and "Human resources Control System" have been established to promote the management level of the Group to a new level.

    The Party Committee of the Group signed the "Annual Work target Responsibility Letter" with the party branches to establish a quantitative assessment mechanism for grassroots party building work.

    The group was named 2011 "Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Base".

    The group has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and won the Excellent Organization Award of "Poverty Alleviation" in Guangdong Province.

    The trade union of the Group was rated as "Advanced Trade Union of Shenzhen Construction System" for the third consecutive year.


    Formulated the "12th Five-Year" strategic plan of the Group, which pointed out the direction for the future development of the Group.

    In 2010, the group achieved sales revenue of 2.935 billion yuan and total profit of 637 million yuan, both reaching a record high.

    Implement the "two-level legal person, three-level structure" management and control model, and establish an "EVa-based, performance-oriented" reward and salary assessment mechanism.

    The Board of directors of the Group was rated as "the Best Board of Directors of Listed real Estate Companies in China in 2010", and the Group won the "Best Corporate Governance Award" in the governance evaluation of listed companies in China in 2010.

    The group was awarded the title of "30 years after the establishment of the Special Zone - Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction Meritorious Enterprise", and Chairman Li Yongming was awarded the title of "30 years after the establishment of the Special Zone - Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction Meritorious Figure".

    The group was named "2010 Guangdong listed companies Top Ten Most competitive ", Chairman Li Yongming was named "2010 Guangdong listed Companies top Ten Outstanding entrepreneurs ".

    The Group was selected as the "Top 100 Shenzhen Enterprises in 2010", ranking 55th.

    In order to adapt to the reform of the Group's management and control mode, the Happy Fishing Program has been comprehensively revised and improved, and the working system of Clean Government Construction, Financial Management and Control System, Construction Cost Management System and other working systems have been established.

  • 2009

    In 2009, the group's sales revenue was 2.165 billion yuan and the total profit was 404 million yuan, both reaching a record high.

    On December 30, 2009, the Group launched the ten-billion enterprise strategy and officially established Shenzhen Company.

    In July 2009, the seventh Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors of the Group with Li Yongming as chairman were elected.

    In December 2009, for the first time in the Party committee system of the Municipal SASAC, the third term of the Party Committee and the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group were elected in the way of "jointly pushing direct election".

    In 2009, the group successfully transferred the shares of three companies, Tehao, Jianye and Jinzhong, completely withdrew from the construction industry, and the real estate owners were further prominent.

    In 2009, Tianjin and Huiyang added a total of 159,000 square meters of land reserve, and Xi 'an and Huiyang signed land framework agreements with the local government of 600 mu and 500 mu respectively, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of the Group.

    In November 2009, the Group was named "2009 Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises ".

    In 2009, the Group properly solved the historical problems left over from the Longhua project, eliminating risks and increasing profits.

    In 2009, the group won the title of the third "Top Ten Enterprise Culture Construction Units in Shenzhen".


    In 2008, the group won the "2008 Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises ", "2008 China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises "and Chairman Li Yongming won the" 100 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in 30 Years of reform and opening up ".

    In 2008, the Group and its employees donated more than 2.3 million yuan to fight against the southern rain and snow freezing disaster relief and fight against the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief activities, and the union of Happy Fishing Group was awarded the "Love Union".

    In 2008, closely combined with the actual situation of enterprises to carry out the activities of learning and practicing the scientific outlook on development, to promote the scientific, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

    In 2008, the trade union made remarkable achievements, and the government trade union was awarded the "Model Employee Small family" by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

    In 2008, the enterprise culture construction achievements were outstanding, and the group was awarded the "2008 Shenzhen enterprise culture construction outstanding contribution Unit ".

    In 2008, EAS was fully operational, and its information construction achievements won the second Prize of "National Enterprise Management Innovation Modernization Innovation Achievements".

    In 2008, the archives BS system was launched, the group archives implemented intensive unified management, and the comprehensive archives room was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Shenzhen Archives Work in 2008".

    In 2008, it won the G02113-0023 plot of Baohe Road with a construction area of 240,000 square meters for 690 million yuan, expanded the Mountain and Valley project section, and added Happy Fishing project of Xi 'an Chan㶚 Ecological Zone to gather the subsequent development force.


    In 2007, in the "First Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Festival", the group was named "Top Ten Enterprises in Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction". Chairman Li Yongming was named "Top Ten Advanced Individuals in Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction".

    In 2007, the group passed the national second-level archives qualification assessment and became one of the 15 enterprises in the city with more than 300,000 enterprises and archives management reaching the national second-level standards.

    In 2007, Xinghai Phase 6 innovated the sales model and became the first real estate in the Special Zone to adopt the "fully open and transparent" model of sales, which was unanimously recognized by owners, media and government departments.

    In 2007, the Group won the "Green Property Award of the Year 2007 China Real Estate BRICS Award" and the "Most Investment Value Listed Real Estate Company of the Year 2007 China Real Estate BRICS Award" at the "Boao 21st Century Real Estate Forum and the 2007 China Real Estate BRICS Award Award Ceremony". Chairman Li Yongming won the 2007 China Real Estate BRICS Award for Individual Contribution to the Industry.

    In 2007, Happy Fishing City was set up as a green community branch venue of the first Science and Technology Expo in Shenzhen, and was approved as a demonstration base of Shenzhen housing industrialization, and the construction practice of Happy Fishing City science and technology energy-saving housing was highly recognized.

    In 2007, the group was awarded the best integrity demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province.


    In 2006, the Group's operating performance increased by 70% to 100% over 2005, reaching a record high.

    In 2006, among the 1,473 listed companies in the two cities, Deep Happy Fishing ranked 42nd with an earnings per share of 0.8528 yuan.

    In 2006, the management achievement "Practice of Comprehensive Informatization Construction of Real Estate Enterprises" won the "First Prize of the 16th Guangdong Province Management Modernization Innovation Achievement", and the group was named "National informatization construction typical demonstration unit", with remarkable achievements in informatization construction.

    In 2006, for the first time, the Group organized open competition for positions such as project managers to build a better platform for talents to stand out, marking the Group's three institutional reforms are developing in depth.

    In 2006, the circular economy began to become the focus of society, Happy Fishing Group has achieved fruitful results, was named "Shenzhen's first development of circular economy top Ten enterprises", "the first batch of circular economy pilot units in Guangdong Province", leading the trend of building energy conservation.

    In 2006, Happy Fishing City phase I passed the new National Standard 3A certification of the Ministry of Construction with the highest score of 899 in the history of A-class housing, and was listed as "National building energy efficiency demonstration community".

    In 2006, the "Happy Fishing Program" was officially put into operation, and the institutionalization of the group reached a new level.

  • 2005

    In 2005, the fifth Commune of the fifth phase of Xinghai City won the gold medal of "China Double Festival Double Excellent Cup Residential Design Scheme Competition", selling nearly 800 sets on the opening day, with a sales rate of nearly 70%, creating a wonder of Shenzhen real estate sales.

    In 2005, the MIS system of the Group was officially launched, which subverted the traditional office mode and opened a new chapter of information office; CI system started, the corporate image took on a new look; Group headquarters moved into the new office building, the new office environment shows the new style of Happy Fishing.

    In 2005, the group's share split reform was successful, which had a profound impact on China's stock market.

    In 2005, the restructuring was completed to realize the separation of the main and the auxiliary, Tehao and Jianye were separated from the group, and resources were gathered to real estate development owners.


    In 2001, it won the largest land parcel in the history of Shenzhen land auction with 340 million yuan, and won the Henggang land King.

    In 2004, the group obtained the certificate of "first-class Qualification Real Estate Development Enterprise" issued by the Ministry of Construction.


    On May 25, 1989, Shenzhen Happy Fishing Co., Ltd. was born, issuing 6.9 million shares in the same year.

    In 1992, Deep Happy Fishing was listed, and the shares were dominant in that year.

    From 1993 to 1997, it worked out strategies and raised nearly 1 billion yuan in the market by itself.

    In 1998, Happy Fishing Group was established and renamed as Shenzhen Happy Fishing(Group) Co., LTD., which ranked among the top 100 real estate companies in China.

    In 2000, Xinghai City Project was launched, which was a super large-scale one-stop community of 800,000 square meters, and became the "first plate of Shenzhen" in that year. In the same year, it first entered the Xiangmi Lake area and developed the full intelligent community - Cuihai Garden.


Historical evolution

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