SINCE 1989

Shenzhen Happy Fishing(Group) Co., LTD

Shenzhen Happy Fishing(Group) Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding listed company directly managed by Shenzhen SASAC. It was established in May 1989 and was publicly listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992. It is one of 19 real estate enterprises in Shenzhen with first-class qualification for real estate development. According to the development idea of "based in Shenzhen, laying out the whole country", the Group has basically formed a national strategic layout with Shenzhen and its surrounding areas as the center, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Xi 'an, Tianjin, Huizhou, Nanning and other cities as the focus, and radiating to the surrounding areas.

Over the years, the group has developed more than 30 projects, with a cumulative construction area of nearly 10 million square meters, and its products cover various types of villas, ordinary residences, apartments, office buildings, commercial complexes and so on. Xinghai City, Cuihai Garden, Huiyang Happy Fishing City, Guangzhou Tiansong Garden, Changsha Happy Fishing City, Xi 'an "Villa, Residence, bank" series products, Tianjin Platinum Xuan and other projects have become local benchmark projects. The group has successively carried out extensive strategies of Happy Fishing with Warburg Pincus Investment Group, Kotler Consulting Group, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Taiping Life Insurance, etc., gradually improving the multi-dimensional development system and continuously improving the marketization level. In the field of bidding and tendering has achieved "sunshine recruitment" business coverage.

In recent years, the group has innovated development ideas, given full play to the advantages of rich development experience, good cross-regional operation efficiency and standardized enterprise management, and formed a strong brand charm and product attraction of Happy Fishing. The group has been selected as "Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises" for 13 consecutive years; For 9 consecutive years, it has obtained the highest A-level rating in the information disclosure assessment of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and only 16 of the more than 470 listed companies on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange have won this honor, accounting for 3.4%. In addition, The Group has also been awarded "China's Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises", "China's Top 100 Listed Companies", "Guangdong's Top 10 Real Estate Comprehensive Strength", "Shenzhen's Top 10 Real Estate Enterprises", "Shenzhen's first Top 10 Enterprises for the Development of Circular Economy", "30 years after the establishment of the Special Zone - Shenzhen's Meritorious Enterprise for Corporate Culture Construction", 2019 The first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area real estate enterprise brand influence top 30, Shenzhen listed companies "Top 10 green governance" and more than 150 various honorary titles.

Adhere to the characteristics of state-owned enterprises; The main business of real estate development is integrated, and the housing leasing and real estate industry chain are extended into two wings. With the "2125" development strategy of Party building, long-term incentive, big supervision, reform and innovation, fault tolerance, and professionalism, we will stimulate the internal power of enterprises, actively promote the "real estate +" model, rapidly extend the industrial chain, open up new profit growth points, and steadily take the road of high-quality development in the new era.